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Investment Property

Why is hiring property managers advisable?

In case you have a property and you have ever tried managing it, you will understand that property management can be a tough task. However, property management can yield you so many benefits which is why you must always think of it if you have a property, especially one that you rent out. Since property management is daunting and requires so much effort and commitment, you need to look for a professional who can do this job for you.


A property manager is somebody that you hire if you have a property that needs to be managed.  While other people think that hiring a property manager is not advisable since you have to pay them for the services that they offer you, it is important to take some time and find out whether this fact is true. The following section contains information that will help you learn why you should have property managers if you cannot manage your property on your own.


Why one should hire property managers

While the do-it-yourself method has become common among many people today, it always pays if you have property managers by your side. The following are some of the reasons why you should hire property managers.


  • They help you set up the right rental rates

When you have a rental property, you must come up with rental rates that are favourable both for you and your tenants. However, most people do not know who they can set up the right rental rates for. Instead, they look at what others are charging and they set up similar rental rates. However, the condition of your rental property may not be similar to those of the other landlords which means that you may overcharge your tenants or even charge them less for your rental property. To avoid this you should hire property managers so that they can help you set up the right rental rates.


  • Help collect and deposit rent on time

Securing rent from your tenants can be difficult and can put you in awkward positions. The best thing about hiring property managers is that they help you collect and deposit rent payments effectively since they have systems that help them do this. In case you have multiple properties collecting rent and depositing it can be easy for you.


  • They market and advertise property

Property managers have knowledge and skills that will help them in marketing and advertising your property. It can be hard for most individuals to do it correctly but with the property manager’s things become easy. Therefore, the property managers you hire will make sure that they are advertising and marketing your property which ensures that there are always tenants in your property.


  • They find the right tenants

Property managers always take care of the necessary details that help them in financing the right tenants for your property. Most people usually have awful tenants that do not pay rent on time or even damage the property.  With the property managers you hire, it will be easy for you to have tenants who can take care of your property as well as pay rent in the time since property managers always go for the right tenants.


  • They manage the tenants

Apart from finding the right tenants, the property managers also manage the tenants. They handle any routine or emergency maintenance, inspect the property and deal with any situation, especially conflict resolutions needed.


In case you have been avoiding property managers since you do not want to pay them for the services you need, you have always made the wrong decisions. From the above section, you have proof that hiring property managers is the best decision any property owner can make. Therefore, it is best find a property manager in Coomera.





Investment Property

Why are more homeowners in Sydney building patios in their backyards?

A patio is an area outside your house that is paved where you could sit and enjoy your coffee or the sunset. In the past, many homeowners in Sydney did not care about having patios in their homes, and therefore, it was not among the structures that people built while building homes. This is because most of these homeowners tended to think that patios were not important spaces and therefore building them was like wasting money.


However, things have changed greatly since almost every homeowner in Sydney is building these structures when they are constructing their homes. Also, those who had constructed or bought homes in the past but did not have patios are building them because they have learned how important they are.


Why should you have a patio?

At times you need to find out what other people are doing with their homes to ensure that you are not left behind. In case you have been wondering why every homeowner in Sydney is having patios built in their homes, then it’s time you learnt why. The following section consists of some of the reasons why everyone in Sydney is making use of their backyards by constructing patios.


  • Patios increase the value of your property

One of the reasons why most homeowners are having patios built in their homes is to ensure that they have a better resale value for their homes. Patios enhance the curb appeal of your property as well as the functionality and usability of your outdoor spaces. These are some of the things that buyers look for when they want to buy your home. When you add a patio to your home compound, you are making a great investment since this structure will lead to an increment in the resale value of your home if you plan to sell it one day.


  • It provides entertainment space

In case you have guests that are regularly visiting your home, you ought to have enough space to help you entertain them. Patios provide ample outdoor spaces to host and gather your guests whenever they visit you. With the patios, you get to spend ample time with your friends and relatives enjoying the great weather, relaxing, chatting, dancing, or among other entertaining activities.


  • It adds an aesthetic value to your home

When you have a patio and then have some garden surrounding it, you make your home look amazing, beautiful and inviting. Every homeowner in Sydney wants to have such a home and this is another reason why they are installing patios in their home backyards.


  • They provide extra living spaces

Patios are built with varying sizes depending on the amount of space that you have in the backyard as well as the size you prefer. Some of the patios are enclosed while others are not depending on what homeowners think is best for them. Whenever you have an enclosed patio, you are always assured of the extended living space.


  • Provides a great place for relaxing

After spending the whole day working, you need to relax when you get home. A patio is among the best places where you can relax as you enjoy the fresh air. Therefore, homeowners in Sydney want to have a great place they can relax and refresh in whenever they come home from work which is why they are constructing patios.


If you have never thought of having a patio in your home, the above information is enough to help you make up your mind and build this structure in your home. Make sure that before you begin building your patio you seek professional help from Homestyle Living Sydney so that you can have a great patio in your backyard.



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Types of architecture services architects can offer in Sydney

Whenever you need to hire an architect in Sydney there are several things that you need to know for you to select the most suitable architecture experts. One of the things is that architecture is a broad field and therefore, architects cannot study it as a whole and instead, they specialise in specific areas depending on what they like most or intend to do. For this reason, you have to make sure that you select the architects depending on their areas of specialisation. The type of field that the architect specialises in depends on the type of services they offer their clients.  When you are aware of this fact it becomes easy for you to hire the right architecture expert depending on the kind of services that you need.


Areas of specialisation of architecture experts

As mentioned earlier, there are different areas of specialisation that architects in Sydney specialise in.  You must learn several areas of specialisation so that you can know who to call when you need which kind of architecture services. The following are some of the types of architecture services architects in Sydney can offer you whenever you need their services.


Residential architecture

This is an area of specialisation for architects that designs residential places or homes. They are responsible for working with homeowners when they want to come up with designs of custom homes or adjusting the plans of their existing homes. They also work hand in hand with the home builders and developers who are building a large subdivision and they require designs of several homes to be built. Most of the residential architecture specialists usually work directly with the clients and can handle other tasks like drawing out plans with the right measurements, designing homes, and coming up with labour and material estimates. They always make a home-building project a success when they are hired.


Commercial architecture

This is a field of specialisation architecture that deals with designing commercial buildings. These commercial buildings include schools, government buildings, hotels, bridges, offices, skyscrapers, multi-unit buildings among other buildings that are not residential. Since commercial architecture is a broad category, the most commercial architect usually specialises in one or two subcategories to ensure that they can deal with the workload at their disposal.


Landscape architecture

If you want to design your outdoor spaces, then you need landscape architecture services that can only be offered by landscape architects. They focus on making the outdoor spaces look beautiful. They never design buildings but instead paths and outdoor areas in both commercial and residential places.


Interior design architecture

This area of architecture specialises in the interiors of any house, office, and building. The architects Sydney who specialise in this field have the responsibility of ensuring that all the elements of any building look excellent.


Urban design architecture

Any architects specialising in this area are responsible for designing more than one home or building. They design the entire neighbourhood. Their task is usually challenging since they have to consider the best layout of an entire block and come up with a suitable design.


Industrial architecture

Industrial facilities are always designed by experts who have specialised in this field of architecture. They ensure that the process of designing and building any industrial facility is smooth and successful.


What kind of architect is best for you?

As you select the architecture specialist who will offer you the services you need, make sure you select them depending on their area of specialisation. This way, you will be able to select the right architects. However, you need to make sure that they are professionals in what they do for them to offer you high quality and reliable services.


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Investing Real Estate | How to do Real Estate Trading in 2020

The current economic context, characterized by extremely low and in some cases even negative interest rates , means that the return on bank deposits, the investment product preferred by families in recent decades, is practically nil. As a result, many investors have withdrawn their money from these deposits to concentrate it on new investments. The real estate market is one of these options and, by the way, one of the most popular. Few people in Italy can say they don’t know anyone who has invested in the real estate market in one way or another and with better or worse luck.

The binomial real estate – investment has been much discussed both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Especially in our country, where many people, as soon as they manage to collect enough savings, immediately go to real estate investment, usually with the physical purchase of a property (often an apartment in a holiday resort or a second home) without knowing other investment opportunities that offer more opportunities.

Simplifying it, real estate trading represents the market in which different types of properties are bought and sold, whether they are private homes, commercial spaces, agricultural land, building systems, lots, etc.

Wanting to amplify the answer to the question “What is real estate trading” attracts many people, but few potential investors think that buying and owning a property may not be as easy as they imagine. And above all, it may not meet its return on investment expectations.

Have turned away from the housing market in times of financial crisis . Physically buying a property is often associated with paying for loans, taxes and fees, major repairs, renting a tenant, and other activities or things that can be unpleasant or create potential complications.

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Real estate investments, which assets to focus on after Covid

During the virtual round table ” COVID-19 and Italy Real Estate: Asset resilience and price valuations “, the moderator Paola Ricciardi, Country Managing Director of Duff & Phelps in Italy, highlighted: “It is difficult to make forecasts on the real estate market in Italy, but some asset classes are perceived as more resilient, in particular residential, logistics and offices ”.

As for the residential sector , according to Ricciardi “it could record a contraction in market demand, ready to intercept a new challenge in the Italian real estate market, looking for larger and newer concept living spaces compared to the pre-pandemic period, especially in suburban areas

Among the drivers of the near future, the evolution of the “Rent Residential” sector, with a probable increase in the demand for increasingly efficient and person-friendly services and with the cities of Milan and Rome which will continue to represent poles of attraction for international, corporate and private investors. Finally, the “Senior Living” and the “Student Housing” will represent two asset classes which, although rethought, will continue to arouse interest.

The “ Hospitality & Leisure ” and “ Retail ” sectors, on the other hand, are most affected by the situation , but they present good investment opportunities for the future.